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How to qualify for Medicare Savings Programs? (MSP's)


To qualify for a Medicare Savings Program (MSP), you must meet your state’s in- come and asset limits. Listed below are the baseline federal income and asset limits for each MSP. Most states use these limits, but some states have different guide- lines. For example, Alaska, Connecticut, the District of Columbia (DC), Hawaii, and Maine have higher income limits. Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, DC, Mississippi, New York, and Vermont do not apply asset limits.


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Annuities / Life

When we say ‘Secondary Market Annuity’ we simply refer to period certain, fixed-term annuities that are available to you on the secondary market. These are contracts and payment streams owned by individuals who wish to sell their future payments for cash today.  We connect buyers who want these future payments with the sellers and manage the entire transaction in a highly regulated, the court approved,and attorney reviewed.
Secondary Market Annuity offers security, safety, and an absolute guarantee. They are perfect for investors who want a known outcome from their investment, payable to themselves or their heirs. Secondary Market Annuities- sometimes abbreviated ‘SMA’- is also a good way to ensure an inheritance or income for someone else in the future- the payments are absolute and once purchased, will be paid no matter what. A Secondary Market Annuity can produce a wide variety of payment streams to suit many planning situations.
The secondary market annuity inventory page is arranged in the following major categories: Immediate Income, Deferred Income Lump Sum As you would suspect by these categories, the duration, and timing of income from each case varies. When compared to CD’s and period certain annuities, the yields from a Secondary Market Annuity is 2-4% higher. For example, period certain immediate annuities have an effective yield of 1.5 to 2%, whereas a Secondary Market Annuity is 4-6%. Quite simply, you get more income for a lower cost.
Are Annuities right for you?
We have buyers in all age groups, from young conservative investors to retirees seeking a defined income stream. Secondary Market Annuities are perfect for investors seeking a higher yield than any other available fixed, period certain investment. This may mean an income stream, a future lump sum, or a combination. These payment streams work equally well for retirement planning, college saving, and inheritance planning. They also work particularly well in cases where a couple has a wide discrepancy in age and lifetime income streams tied to the younger of the two are not attractive.

Summary of Secondary Annuities:

  1. Secondary Annuities, or secondary market annuities (SMA) are existing, in-force payment streams backed by annuities, available at a discounted price and higher yield than comparable fixed-term annuities.
  2. Purchasers acquire the right to receive those future payments in a court-ordered and state-regulated transfer procedure.
  3. Annuities payments offer a higher yield and lower price because sellers in need of cash today, sell their future payments at a discount.
  4. Annuities payments are guaranteed and period certain. These income streams are paid exactly as scheduled to the purchaser or their heirs.
  5. Annuities payments have no price volatility, no market exposure, and no complicated terms or contracts.

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